Zyxtros Faction

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Zyxtros Faction

Post by Psionic Castor on Sun Apr 02, 2017 4:05 pm

Those in this category consider themselves a subfaction. It is made up of the outcast. Unlike Phantamos, these members are not rogues. Instead they are prisoners of the factions that have escaped, beings seeking a new place from being exiled from their old faction, or meddlers seeking chaos. They are fairly small in size, placing between Voltrantos and Rontaros members in size. They are generally the skinniest beings, as their struggle for food is one greater than Phantamos' struggle. This group does not get along with any of the factions, and will attack them on sight. Zyxtros has adopted Tartarus the Pit as their patron god. Due to where they live, the member don't have the greatest level of sanity.
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