The Ruined Lands

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The Ruined Lands

Post by Psionic Castor on Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:04 pm

Gaea's Tears
Gaea's Tears is a somber land, littered with dead plants, burnt earth, and the ruins of a once magnificent shrine to the goddess Gaea. The beings inhabiting all the lands refer to the land by it's name due to the constant rain, thought to be the goddess' tears over what has become of her beloved lands. There is always a somber, tranquil atmosphere. There is a treaty between the factions and Zyxtros, that while in this land, none are to attack each other in order to peacefully show respect to the land.

Artemis' Forest
The Voltrantos faction's territory is located in this land. It is a vast and grand forest that is near always enveloped in the night time. Radiation here is in lower levels than the rest of the land due to the vast water body surrounding the land. The moon here appears larger and brighter than the other lands, as the land is said to be watched over by the goddess Artemis. The stags in this land are sacred. The Voltrantos faction leave them be for fear of incurring the wrath of their patron.

Ares' Battlefield
The Fataleis faction's territory is located here. The land has been reduced nearly to a desert, with only few trees and a small pond dotting the landscape. The sky usually is red during the day, the sun's heat so intense that fires are usually dotting the land. Larger prey is scarce in this land. However, small and medium desert dwelling creatures can be found throughout the landscape.

Athena's Sanctuary
The Rontarnos faction's territory is located here. This land consists of small cave entrances that branch off into large cave systems. The prey here consists mostly of cave dwellers as well as small springs within the caves. For the most part, the caves are considered to be safe, but it is believed within the Rontarnos faction that if you anger their goddess, the caves will collapse one by one until the offender rights their wrong.

Hermes' Kingdom
The Phantamos faction's territory is located here. This land is home to many old ruined villages.

The Zyxtros sub-faction roams here. Tartarus is by far one of the most dangerous area of the land. It is riddled with chasms, sudden drops, cliffs, and flames. There are rivers of lava running through the bottom of the chasms. Tartarus has become so dangerous as it is one of the lands closest to the initial location where the outbreak started, leaving it affected by the radiation in terrible, irreparable ways.
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