Levels of Ranks

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Levels of Ranks

Post by Psionic Castor on Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:41 pm

Universal Ranks:

Elder - VE, FE, RE, PE, ZE
These are all the leaders who have stepped down and granted their old position to a beta they deem worthy.They are the most respected within the factions due to their experience and vast knowledge they've gained from their time.

Leader - VA, FA, RA, PA, ZA
This is the member in charge of the rest of their faction. They call the shots and organize important meetings, searches, supply runs, etc. They answer only to the Elders, though it is rare an Elder commands something of a Leader.

Beta - VB, FB, RB, PB, ZB
These are the second in commands. They take temporary lead when the Leaders are not around. Each faction has only two Betas. The only exception is the sub-faction Zyxtros, who only have one Beta. Only the Leader's most trusted gain the rank of Beta.

Delta - VD, FD, RD, PD, ZD
These are the helpers to the Betas. They generally take on the tasks the Betas are too busy to be able to do.Most often each faction only has one Delta, but if necessary the Leader may appoint a second Delta.

3rd Tier Ranks

Chieftain - VC, FC, RC, PC, ZC,
These members are the leaders of the scouts. Each time a scouting party is sent out, the party will have at least one Chieftain along. Each faction has at least two, sometimes three Chieftains.

Witch doctor - VwD, FwD, RwD, PwD
These are the head healers in the factions. They run the Novices' final test and are tasked with the most difficult of injuries and wounds to be healed. They personally tend to the Leader's, Betas', and Elders' wounds. Each faction has only one.

2nd Tier Ranks

Healer - Vhd, Fhd, Rhd, Phd, Zhd
These member are the mid healers. They heal all but the Leader, Betas, and Elders. They are above the Novices and teach them the ways of healing. Each faction has two to three healers at once.

Scout - Vc, Fc, Rc, Pc, Zc
These are the members who go out and patrol the territory borders. For the Voltrantos faction, they sometimes go farther to make sure the next site is safe for exploration. Each faction has at least three to four.

Spy - VS, FS, RS, PS
These are the members who infiltrate other territories to listen for plans of attack. They have a subclass known as Snitches. Each faction has one to two Spies.

Messenger - Vm, Fm, Rm, Pm
These are the members who travel to other factions' territories with a message consisting of whatever the Leader wants to be sent. They usually travel with one other member for protection. One per faction.

Caretaker - VnC, FnC, RnC, PnC
These members are tasked with caring for the New-lings and Young-lings. They also care for the Elders who are no longer able to care for themselves. There are at least three per faction.

1st Tier Ranks

Novice - Vnd, Fnd, Rnd, Pnd, Znd
These are the young members who have interest in one day becoming a healer. They study hard during their time as Novice to past their test to become a Healer. Each faction can have any number of Novices.

Snitch - Vs, Fs, Rs, Ps
These are the young members who wish to one day become a spy. They train hard in the art of eavesdropping without being caught as well as sneaking in without notice. Each faction can have any number of Snitches.

Nurse - Vnc, Fnc, Rnc, Pnc
These are the young ones who are training to one day become a Caretaker. They start out learning to care for the young-lings. Each faction has no limit on nurses.

Sharpeye - Vcy, Fcy, Rcy, Pcy, Zcy
These are the young ones in training to become scouts. They learn from the current scouts and occasionally are taught by the Chieftains of the faction. Each faction has no limit on Sharpeyes.

Multis - Vab, Fab, Rab, Pab, Zab
These are the young members who dabble in all the branch specialties until they find what branch they'd like to continue with. They then move to the lowest rank of that branch. Each faction can have any number.


Young-ling - V, F, R, P, Z
These are the young ones who are old enough to be self-sufficient, but are not yet ranked. They gain a rank by completing a series of tests.

New-ling - v, f, r, p, z
The newborns that are born into the factions.

Punishment Ranks

Omega - VO, FO, RO, PO, ZO
These members are here as punishment. They are second last to eat, and are forced to prove themselves worthy to leave the rank. Once proven, they must start over in their rank branch as the lowest of the branch.

Infitalis - VI , FI, RI, PI, ZI
Even lower than Omegas, these members are last to eat. This rank is gained through traitorous actions. The members in this rank are on the thin line between exile and still being a faction member.

Exile - EX
These are beings who have been exiled and haven't joined the Zyxtros sub-faction. They are run off by their old faction with a chance of death if they encounter any of their old faction mates. They are generally unwelcome by all but Zyxtros. Exiles are marked with a slash across their hide over their old faction symbol.


Loner - LN
These are beings who wander on their own. They are different from exiles in that they've never joined a faction, and generally never do. They have no set land, simply wandering until they find a dwelling place. They tend to avoid faction territories.
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