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How It Works

Post by Psionic Castor on Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:30 pm

The way the ranks work is you can only gain a rank through roleplay. You can only be moved up a rank if your faction's leader is on or consulted by a beta who is on at the time. Example: If you are in Fataleis, Phantasmos' leader cannot give you a new rank.

When you gain a new rank in roleplay, it is NOT guaranteed you are moving up a rank. It's quite possible if you gain a new rank in RP, you are being moved to a lower rank as a punishment for something. What that something is is decided by your faction leader.

NOTICE: Roleplay ranks don't transfer over to the site. If you are a leader of a faction, that does NOT mean you automatically get to be an admin. Site ranks are much harder to gain and move up through than roleplay ranks.
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