Mutation Rules

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Mutation Rules

Post by Psionic Castor on Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:21 pm

Acceptable mutations:
Large Claws
Saber Fangs
Multiple Tails
Unnatural Eyes (Example: Psionic's eyes are pure blue with white pupils)
Spikes/Bones Exposed on Spine
Growths Attributed To Other Species (Example: Cheek mane on a wolf, wolf ears on a bird, Crocodile teeth on a lion, etc.)
Patches/Markings that are unnaturally colored (Example: Markings in non-natural colors)
Up To Three Heads For Reptiles
Accelerated Healing (Only increases natural healing ability. Does not mean a creature can grow back a limb unless they are a lizard and are growing back their tail. It is NOT instant healing)
Minor Telepathy

Non-acceptable Mutations:
Supernatural abilities
Laser eyes
Complete unnatural coloring (Example: A completely bright red wolf is NOT acceptable)

More to be added
If some kind of power is acceptable, it will be specified. There is no need to ask.
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