Weapons Rules

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Weapons Rules

Post by Psionic Castor on Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:13 pm

1. No guns or swords. These creatures already have the chance of mutations to defend themselves, as well as natural animal defenses. Example: Psionic, the leader of Voltrantos, does not have a sword or gun. He could still easily leave fatal injuries though with the antlers and fangs he's mutated from the chemical radiation in the lands. If you're a human, daggers and knives are acceptable as a weapon.

2. Things such as laser vision is NOT an acceptable natural weapon. It must make sense to be mutated from chemical exposure. Toxic pores or spikes would be an example of something acceptable. Fire breath would be acceptable for a dragon or reptile character. Acid spit would be another example of something acceptable.

3. Defenses you can find on a natural animal are most likely acceptable, even if it's from a dinosaur. Example: Raptor claws or the acid spit of a Dilophosaur.
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